How to Silent a Recurve Bow by Survival Lilly

A great video made by Survival Lilly about how to silent a recurve bow.

Recently we received several emails from our customers asking about how to reduce the noise during shooting.
Normally we need to do the following three steps:

1. Tune the bow correctly, make sure your brace height is around 7″.
2. Add damper and silencer on limbs and string.
3. For phantom, put something like cotton in the limb pocket will also be helpful.

The first one is the most important.

Phantom is a specially designed recurve.
Dislike the WinRunner which is dedicated in target archery, Phantom is a hunting bow.
You will find some unusual installation holes on the riser because we want it to be able to install some useful accessories like brush arrow rest, 5 pin sight, stabilizer, etc.
There are also some structures to reduce the whole weight.

As long as you tune the bow correctly, Phantom doesn’t produce more noise than the other bows.

Enjoy the video and we will talk about brace height in the next video.

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