Hello, and thanks for stopping by on this Product Post! Let’s jump in and check out all of these new products!

First of all, we are very happy to bring you our ILF series product line. The first released parts are the Frontier 17″ riser and Blade 43″ recurve limbs.
For our new archers, ILF stands for International Limb Fittings. An ILF bow is a bow that was designed or modified to accept those limbs. That means you can use our ILF riser/limbs with any other limbs/riser as long as they are also ILF compatible. There are a lot of ILF components in the market which makes this bow system very flexible and maintainable. However, we also notice that the price of the ILF bows is very expensive. So we decided to bring our customers a choice with a better balance between performance and cost.
We provide 4 different draw weight options for the Blade limbs. Combined with the Frontier, you will get a 60″ recurve bow for both target archery and hunting. As an ILF bow, it is also tool-free to be used. No more spanner, get your bow ready to shoot in seconds.
We have received several emails from our customers asking about the training bows for teenagers. For kids, the bow length needs to be shorter to fit their arm span, and the draw weight should be much lower to prevent any damage from their muscle. Besides, you don’t want to purchase a toy bow which has no installation holes for standard archery accessories like arrow rest, stabilizer, etc. So we made a smaller version of the Windrunner series with all standard ports available. Stand beside, shoot together.
Besides bows, we also release a new quiver this time. The ranger quiver is a classic design, handmade leather back quiver. Compared with the other handmade accessories, we remove most of the decorative elements, focus on practicability. We add a magnetic arrow holder at the bottom of all our handmade back quivers ( Cavalier, Dragonborn, and Ranger ). The small magnetic holder helps you keep your arrows steady in your quiver when you walk in the forest. There is also a small pocket on the quiver. It won’t take too much space but very useful to carry those necessary tools like finger tab, release aid, replacement arrow tips, etc.
GOOD NEWS! Now all our Black Hunter bows are bamboo core version by default. Bamboo is great as core material for laminated bows. It provides smooth draw and high arrow speed at the same time. And you will find more draw weight options for our Black Hunter and Phantom series: Black Hunter: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 lbs Phantom: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 lbs
That’s all for this week, feel free to contact us if you have any question about those new products.

6 thoughts on “New Arrivals! – November 26, 2018

  1. Cöen says:

    I’ve heard many good things about the Phantom, my draw is 31.5” and these shorter bows tend to stack past 28”. I’m curious about how much it stacks past the standard 28″. I’ve only heard anecdotal information about the bow and larger folks using in as a hunting bow. I’ve use short bows before and found them difficult. But they’re good for hunting in the bush. I have a black hunter longbow, and it’s shoots fine, but stacks past 28″ a lot… it’s also really noisy. I was hoping this would be a better choice. I also have a 68″ wind Runner, but it’s a bit cumbersome for hunting.

  2. impulse9975 says:

    Purchased my Phantom 56″ Take Down Recurve Bow Order number 23169 Dated 26 May 2019.
    I purchased the Phantom with 30 lb limbs to see how it would function.
    Ihave been suprised as the price did not reflect the quality & feel of the bow.
    The Phantom is excellent for hunting in the bush as it is easy to manover & shoot,it is also light to carry.
    I get a lot of comments @ the target range as to the black smooth appearance of the riser & limbs.
    This is a great bow I love shooting it. Iwas tossing up weather to purchase a Black Hunter or get a set of 50 lb limbs as finances are limited i decided to purches the 50 lb limbs.
    I will post a comment after I shoot a few arrows.
    Paul Fullagar

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