Thanks to our hard-working customer service team, we have answered a lot of questions from our customers.
Recently we re-organized our knowledge basement and selected several questions which had been asked for many times.
We hope this will help save you some time when you are trying to find the answer of similar questions.
Ok let’s begin:

  • How to choose my first bow ( bow type, draw weight, draw length, right hand or left hand )
    First of all, ask yourself if you would like to go out for hunting in the future or just want to shoot the target.

    If you are shooting the targets, choose bows for archery. For example, our Wind Runner series.
    If you will go out for hunting, choose hunting bows like our Phantom and Black Hunter.
    For new archers, we always recommend the lowest draw weight of the series because as a beginning, you need a bow for daily practicing.
    Low draw weight will help you practice more without hurting yourself, and build a right posture more easily.
    Your draw length is calculated by your arm-span / 2.5. And your arm span is almost the same as how tall you are.
    For example, if you are 6′ tall, your arm-span is about 6′ and your draw length should be 6′ / 2.5 = 28.8″.
    In archery, when we say right hand or left hand, we are talking about the hand used for drawing strings.
    For example, a right hand ( handed ) recurve bow means to hold your bow with your left hand and draw the string with your right hand.

  • How to choose arrows
    Currently we dont provide arrows due to the shipment limitation, we have plan to ship arrows to warehouse in US and UK by sea in the near future.
    Any standard arrows longer than 31.5 is okay for most of our bows
    For daily practice we suggest fiberglass arrows or carbon arrows.

    For real hunting, aluminum arrows should be used instead.
    Spine should be 500 ~ 600 for 30# and 400 ~ 500 for 50#.

  • How to get discount for my reviews

    We will provide discount according to the content of your reviews posted on platforms like Amazon, eBay and our website.
    When we say content, it doesn’t mean good words. We are looking for unbiased reviews to help others to know more about our product and services.

    So if you leave reviews on those platforms and send us the link, discount will be applied to your next order

    Here is a simple table of the discounts:

    Text reviews on website


    Text reviews on Amazon or eBay


    Reviews with images on website


    Reviews with images on Amazon or eBay


    Reviews with videos on platforms or social network   

    20% ~ 25%

  • How to string a bow
    Please watch this very helpful YouTube video made by NUSensei.
    Archery | How to String a Bow

  • Do you ship internationally and how to calculate the shipping cost

    Yes, we provide shipping service to most of the countries.
    The shipping cost calculation can be found in the cart page before the payment.
    Normally we provide two options: Standard & Express.
    The real delivery time is actually much shorter than the deadline of the promising range shown on the website.
    We claim it longer because sometimes bows might be blocked by customs and spend more time than usual.
    If your address could not be accepted, it might be because we had never shipped over to that location.
    Contact us directly and we will see if it works or not.

  • How to track my parcel

    Normally our parcels are shipped out via CNE Express.
    Once the parcel was shipped out, you will receive an order completion email with the tracking number included in the shipment section.
    Use that on the following website and you will see where your parcel is:
    For parcels shipped out via other shipping methods, you can directly click the tracking number and it will bring you to the tracking page.

  • How to fix my crooked limbs
    Sometimes when you receive a bow handled by careless treatment during the shipment or when you string it in an incorrect way, you will find the limb crooked a little bit.

    It is easy to fix it.
    Here is the instruction:

    1. String the bow ( better with a stringer )
    2. If you find the lower limb is twisted towards the left, move the string out of the groove and push it to right a little bit.
    3. Leave it there for over 24 hours.
    4. It will be twisted back then.



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