Recently we received an email from our customer Derek | @DMalou.
He shows us some very nice pictures of our Shark compound bow.
We all like them very much and we would like to share them with you.

Archery is not only a sport or a hobby to us.
It is more like a way of life.
Arrange yourself some time to get away from the noisy city, get close to the nature, focus on your bow and your arrow.
No word can describe the feeling when that arrow hits the bull’s-eye of the target.


Thanks again to Derek | @DMalou.
He has a website and Instagram page with many other great pictures.

1 thoughts on “Great Pictures of Shark Compound from Derek | @DMalou

  1. stephen.channon121958 says:

    I brought the Phantom 56″ bow 40#. I love it!!! I have two friends who advised me that I don’t buy a cheap and nasty bow as I would be throwing my money down the drain, so I brought my MD Phantom. I went to see my friends who were shooting in there garden. They were quite upset that I had not taken there advise. But they soon changed there mind after each of them shot off 5 arrows each. They LOVE it!!! They can’t believe that this superb bow costs just £60. I am in love with my bow its amazing. If you doubt me, then buy one and try it out, its worth £60 of anyones money.

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