Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. A person who participates in archery is typically called an archer or a bowman, and a person who is fond of or an expert at archery is sometimes called a toxophilite.

So basically we need to play around with two parts: Bows and Arrows.

Type of bows

While there is great variety in the construction details of bows (both historic and modern), all bows consist of a string attached to elastic limbs that store mechanical energy imparted by the user drawing the string. There are several ways to identify different types of bows and the most well-known is to split them in four: recurve bows, long bows, compound bows and crossbows.

Recurve BowRecurve bows were historically used by horsemen, and modern versions of the bow are used in Olympic events. These bows are named for their distinct shape: the central parts of the limbs curve toward the archer, and the tips of the limbs curve away from the archer. This configuration gives the bow more power, and less strength is needed to use the bow. Recurve bows are used to teach archery, and beginners often start with a barebow recurve, which only has a string, an arrow rest, bow limbs and a riser to help balance the bow. Components such as sights, pressure buttons, clickers and stabilizers are added to the bow as the archery student becomes more skilled.
LongbowLongbows were first recorded in use during battle in 1298 and were a dominant weapon on the battle field until the mid-16th century. The bows are characterized by their simplicity: they consist of a long, slightly curved piece of wood the same height as the archer and do not have arrow rests or sights. Longbows are much more difficult to aim than other modern bows and do not have nearly the same velocity as compound or recurve bows. The longbow requires more practice and patience to master, but many archers enjoy the challenge of learning to effectively use longbows.
Compound BowCompound bows were first produced in the 1960s and involve an innovative system of cables, pulleys and eccentric cams that assist the archer in holding a heavy draw weight at full draw. This system gives archers time to aim a powerful bow without causing excessive muscle fatigue. However, a good deal of strength is needed to initially draw the bow. Compound bows are less affected by changes in temperature and humidity than bows made of natural materials, which gives them better accuracy, distance and arrow velocity. Compound bows are typically not used by beginners because of their inherent complexity.
CrossbowCrossbows are believed to have originated in China and were commonly used in battle in the Greco-Roman and Medieval ages. In appearance, modern crossbows are fairly similar to firearms but have a short bow horizontally attached to the muzzle. The bows are drawn by way of a crank mechanism; the string is then attached to the trigger mechanism and locked in place until the archer fires. Crossbows have short firing ranges and need heavier draw weights to perform on the same level as compound and recurve bows. These bows are frequently used for target archery, but be advised that regulations on crossbows can be quite strict and vary between states.

5 thoughts on “Hunter Diary 01 – Type of Bows

  1. Charlie Duzan says:

    Hello Ken,
    Thank you for your assistance to get information about the 56 inch 45# draw Recurve Bow.When I Start my Youtube Bushcraft/Hunting /Trapping/ Camping videos I would like to get one of the Phantom 45#draw Recurve Bows.I’m wondering if MandarinDuck would be willing to work with me, so I could review the Bow and any tweeking to silence it.And give my opinion of the Bow.I realize that you can maybe help me to get the chance to test the Bows construction and performance.
    I Thank you for any help you could give me ,I also would like to purchase some items to help in outfitting the Bow for Hunting .Like the Camo Quiver, arm guard, finger guard etc.”!
    Thanks Again Ken,
    Charlie Duzan

    • Ken
      Ken says:

      Hello Duzan,

      Thanks for your message.
      We are looking forward to be part of your video.
      Let me know when it is about to go and we will see what we can do for help.

      Best regards,
      Mandarin Duck

      • charlieduzan61 says:

        Thank You very much Ken,
        I am looking forward to working with you in the future. This is something I feel Strongly about.
        I want to do these videos to pass on Skills I learned growing up where we can survive off the Land with lessons learned from my Family.
        My Father who was Retired from The United States Marine Corps after21 years from53-74.Serving 3 Tours of Vietnam “! taught me many ways to survive using just what you can afford to buy.It doesn’t have to be new,old Gear or tools,”You have to” Adapt,Improvise and Overcome”!
        I want to Honor my Father who passed away in August 2016,by doing “Bushcraft Lifestyle Changes”! that would be vital knowledge if we continue to destroy the Earth and not Give Back to Nature in a Balance to which we take away Natural resources. We must learn to Give Back.
        I want to touch on different subject’s, of things we can do to Help Repair the Earth in our lifetime for our Children.
        Getting information on what we can do to Help. Being able to Reduce the Damage done by getting back to Nature. Learning what plants are good medicine in emergency situations. And living off the land. Even if you have to move around, you can plant vegetables .If you have to move around they may grow on their own, so you might be able to get renewable food sources you can come back to.If you can get potatoes, carrots and other ground source vegetables. The earth will store them underground and unless they are found they will be there when you get back.
        So many ideas for videos that teach”!
        People will be interested in learning how to Camp and live and not run away and die, even if you have to move around.
        These are also ideas for videos ,hunting, fishing and more.
        I was wondering if Mandarin Duck might have attachments for Bow fishing. Or this might be something that the Company could put together a easily useable fishing kit for the Bow.
        That is what I would like to try to demonstrate,as well as hunting from small game to Deer,Wild Pigs and Bear.
        I am so glad that we may have the chance to work together to teach and learn as I go. Learning how to use these skills to survive .
        Where we live ,we have Rivers,Ponds and Canals where we fish and trap.
        While sharing what my Father,Uncles and my Grandfather who were all Soldiers taught me in addition to what we have today.
        Having a bow to get food instead of having to use a gun to obtain meat.
        And using what I learned working with my Grandparents on their Farm and hunting and trapping .
        To have a Bow that you can pack in and use when needed.This will be a huge plus.
        I have a Degree from the State of Ohio and The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio in ( Recording Studio (Audio/Video Engineering / Live Audio Sound Reinforcement Engineer ) So I’ll be able to shoot and edit my videos for upload to my Channel on YouTube and The Net. I also have been playing and writing my Original Songs from age 9,teaching myself to play guitar and record my songs.I started doing Live Audio Sound Reinforcement Engineering at age 15.Then I went back to School for Recording Studio Engineer 9 years after I Graduated from High School in 1979.
        I will need to get my Youtube channel information about starting my Website.
        I am planning to be able to have my Music be a part of my videos,I’ll be playing my Songs on my camping trips ,in addition to just Camping. Showing that you can live off the Land and enjoy yourself. Not just Surviving, but Thriving to live Healthy and Happy even though you are having to sustain life by using slills that served our Forefathers as everyday life. They didn’t have a Home to go back to, where they were was Home”!
        Thank You Again Ken,
        Charlie Duzan
        Charlie Duzan
        HDP/RSR Studios
        815 Antioch Road
        New Bern, North Carolina, 28560

        • Ken
          Ken says:


          That sounds a great plan.
          Actually we are going to provide fishing equipment soon, one or two months later.
          And of course equipment like fishing wheels for bows will be available then.

          Keep in touch and let’s see what to do to help build up your channel.

          Best regards,
          Mandarin Duck

          • charlieduzan61 says:

            Thank You Ken,
            I am looking forward to working with You and Mandarin Duck Archery.
            I think you understand how much I want to Honor my Fathers Memory “.
            He taught me skills as well as Uncles and Grandfather. This is why I am wanting to get my Stories and Experience out to people who it may help.Happy Fathers Day to you and your Father”!
            Thank You,
            Charlie Duzan

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