The most common types of crossbows are compound and recurve.

Arrow Retention Spring
Holds the arrow in the track until the trigger releases the latch mechanism.
Made of aluminum or polymer.
Cocking Stirrup
Used to aid in cocking the crossbow. The archer’s foot is placed in the stirrup to prevent the bow from slipping when it is cocked.
Flight Groove
Grooved track on top of the barrel that allows the arrow to lie in perfect alignment with the string for consistent accuracy.
Designed to capture the string when the crossbow is cocked (drawn), the latch holds the string in place until it’s released by the trigger.
Can be compound or recurve. A recurve crossbow must have long limbs and a longer barrel to deliver power similar to that of a compound crossbow.
Where the limbs attach.
Prevents the arrow from releasing accidentally. May engage automatically or manually when the crossbow is cocked. Some crossbows have a dual safety system. Note: Since the safety is a mechanical device, it can be subject to failure. Always keep a loaded crossbow pointed in a safe direction.
Sight bridge
Holds the sight.
Made of wood or composite materials and available in many configurations.

3 thoughts on “Hunter Diary 05 – Construction of Crossbow

    • Ken
      Ken says:


      As you can see from the post, the crossbow is a special bow with power structure similar to recurve or compound bow while having an aiming system similar to a rifle.
      In history, the crossbow was once forbidden because any untrained civilian would cause bad damage to a fully armed knight.
      Today, the crossbow is still treated as a controlled weapon which cannot be manufactured, sold or transported without special permission.
      That is why you can’t find any crossbow in our store.
      Feel free to contact if you would like to know any further information about the crossbow or any other products.

      Best regards,
      Mandarin Duck

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