Hello everyone and welcome to the new arrivals of Mandarin Duck 2021. We have several new products to show off today.


This elegant and stylish bow holds thousands of years of tradition.
The fiberglass bow keeps the bow weight light- at around 25lbs, this makes the bow ready for new and experienced archers alike.
Its quick and punchy nature allows pure enjoyment when shooting, and it is perfect for practicing different draw styles.
This beauty of a bow lets you decide how you want to shoot. Bows like this can be summed up in one simple word- Fun.


Never judge a quiver by it’s size. The Seeker is a small quiver yet will quickly prove itself to you.
It’s charming nature fits so perfectly on a belt around your waist, or you can tie it around you leg.
Whichever you choose, you will never look back.


This ILF Riser is very clear about its traditional roots.
The Harbinger grew from the merits of the other traditional ILF Risers that came before it- and its pedigree shows perfectly.
Charm, comfort, and a feeling that takes you to your perfect archery spots.
Left or Right handed shooters can all enjoy the third-generation Riser.


Let’s be honest, if you are new to archery, you are going to lose arrows. 
You are going to miss and break them- we have all been there. 
It’s always better to start with affordable arrows, but that doesn’t mean you should settle.
These sleek and styled arrows are as aesthetically pleasing as they are good to shoot.
A good arrow is worth gold to an archer- here we have truly great arrows, without the steep price tag. 


The archery T-shirt says a lot about your style and the archery you enjoy.
The Mandarin Duck T-shirts show that you are a person of style, refined tastes, and like us, you believe that archery should be for everyone that wants it.
This is a passion that we all share, and these high-quality T-shirts show it, without you having to say it.
Comfort, style and passion.

Accessory Pouch

You can never appreciate a good archery pouch until you have a great one.
This accessory pouch is perfect for carrying a tab, string wax, a stringer, or whatever you need on your archery days.
The accessory pouch gives you options and gives you more control over your equipment and how your day runs.

2 thoughts on “New Arrivals! – July 30, 2021

  1. kreestefoo says:

    I have bought a Mandarin Duck “Thorn” bow from you and I need to replace the bow string. What kind of string should I buy and what ‘strand’ should I be looking for? Your help is greatly appreciated,
    Thank you

    • Bella
      Bella says:

      Hi Kreestefoo,

      Thanks for your purchase!
      The string for the Thorn is 118 cm 14 strands.
      You can find AMO 50″ string as a replacement in the market.

      Best regards,
      Mandarin Duck

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