Hello everyone and welcome to the new arrivals of Mandarin Duck 2020. We have several new products to show off today.


The Devourer 

Traditional archery in its most purest form.
This two-piece takedown gives you all the travelling convince of a modern bow with the irresistible beauty of traditional bows.
With a draw length of 31 inches, this bow reaches out to the often forgotten taller archers as well as those with a more common draw length.
This is passion and beauty in one.


The Raider 

This is not a bow that tells you how to shoot.
High quality aluminium alloy forging combined with the ILF system puts this riser in a league of it’s own.
With the options to add your favourite accessories or to shoot in it’s purest form, this riser does what you want it to.
An elegant Black or a vibrant and magnificent Blue? Either choice will look amazing as your set up.


The Cantor

Price brings high quality? No.
The Cantor is a magnificent riser that does not comprise.
A 17″ inch riser that will bring a smile to beginners and intermediate archers all over.
The ILF system promises that whether you are a target shooter or a hunter, the Cantor will not let you down.


The Viper

An elegant, graceful and traditional beauty compacted into a 17 inch ILF riser.
A grip that sits perfectly in your hand allowing you to feel part of the shot in ways that other risers struggle to match.
The minimalistic style of this riser is perfect for the traditional archer with a very tempting price tag.

The Razor ILF Limbs

The modern archer has some of the best tools at their disposal in the modern age. Now, we are proud to offer the evolution of archery limbs.
The Razor. Foam core limbs that are laminated with 3K carbon fiber.
With the ILF system, this is the very best of modern archery.
Fast, light weight, reliable and made for you.
Dragonborn SE
Ranger SE

Dragonborn & Ranger Special edition

Archery is more than a bow and arrow.
It’s the passion, the time we put into the sport and the love of what we do.
Our leatherwork has always been something special, but with this edition it is so much more than just a quiver or arm guard. It’s a work of art and part of the archery legacy.
This special edition retains the elegance while giving you something breathtaking. 

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