We have received many feedbacks about our new logos and brand name, and there are several things we need to clarify.

  1. Both logos will be used at the same time for a while. In our plan, it will spend about one year to have the old version replaced by the new one completely.
  2. Mandarin Duck is still and always will be our brand name. The MNDuck Outdoors is more like an alternative version.
  3. Mandarin Duck is a China-based company. We are proud of this and our address is shown directly on the footer of our website. We never try to mislead our customers that this is a company from Minnesota.
  4. That archer is an art design created by our designer and used for our T-shirt. It is not a brand logo. It looks cool to us : )

Thanks again for your support and opinions.
Feel free to share with us more about your thoughts!

14 thoughts on “Upcoming changes on logo

  1. michael.drescher82 says:

    Hallo Mandarin Duck,
    ich habe heute meinen Black Hunter linkshand in 45 Pfund bekommen.
    Soweit ist alles in Ordnung aber er unterscheidet sich an den Wurfarmen und am Griffstück von den Bildern bei der Bestellung. Beide Wurfarme sind an der Aufnahme gerade aber auf den Bildern gibt es einen schrägen Übergang zum Mittelteil. Wurde da mal etwas geändert?

    Trotz allem, es ist ein sehr schöner Bogen ich kann es kaum erwarten ihn auf dem Parcour zu testen.
    Ich werde meine Erfahrung hier veröffentlichen 🙂

    • Bella
      Bella says:


      Vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung und entschuldigen Sie die schlechte Erfahrung.

      Der Artikel, den Sie erhalten haben, ist korrekt, die MK II-Version unseres Black Hunter, wobei beide Enden des Tragegurts quadratisch abgeschnitten sind.

      Es sind die Bilder auf unserer Website, die nicht rechtzeitig aktualisiert werden.

      Derzeit wurden nur die Bilder der rechtshändigen Recurve-Version korrekt aktualisiert.

      Wir werden dieses Problem so schnell wie möglich beheben.

      Freuen Sie sich auf Ihre Bewertung in naher Zukunft!

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
      Mandarin Duck

  2. Thestripper says:

    I like the original logo. The new one looks like every other logo made in illustrator. Don’t loose your soul Mandarin Duck! How about an all black or all white t-shirt with the logo about 7 cm wide printed at the chest.

  3. bblaikie says:

    I’ve been an archer for over 50 years and wish I’d had access to such excellent equipment when I began. I really like the original logo and see no reason to change it. The shirt designs are overdone for my tastes which should be in keeping with the simplicity of traditional archery and bowhunting. The Blackhunter and the 60″ recurve are delightful bows though I would seek to minimise stacking in both designs if possible. I’m in admiration of their other design features especially glue lines, quality of finish and riser shapes. Congratulations for providing excellent quality equipment at very affordable prices.

  4. sino rich
    sino rich says:

    The new logo is nice, but the Archer looks too much like you are becoming a video game. You also have equity in the brand name, and now it looks like you are from Minnesota.
    You can just add Outdoors to Mandarin Duck Outdoors and call it MDO, maintaining the “China” origins (which is something to be proud of). That can be registered.

  5. archerray says:

    Okay Samuel at Mandarin Duck. I’ll accept the changes for what they are. I will always really like the original logo and name more than the new, but for reasons unknown to me the changes must come. So good for Mandarin Duck Archery, good for you as MDOutdoors progresses. …,…now lets go look at some bows!

  6. brandonappel840 says:

    Just bought a 55lb black hunter. Can’t wait for it to get here. Was wondering when or if you will have any decals & or stickers of the new name & logo. For customers & or to purchase? Thanks

    • Bella
      Bella says:

      Thanks for your order!
      Both brand names and logos would be used at the same time for a period of time.
      You can treat the second version as an alternative version.
      We will release some stickers online later.

  7. alecruok says:

    Nice to see you moving to the change. When are you getting new stock in? Was wanting a 30lb recurve black hunter but had to get a 45. Do you know when you will have the 30lb limbs in?

    Will just need to e bay my 45 when you get then 30 in 8)

    • Bella
      Bella says:

      Sorry, but they won’t be available very soon.
      During the last week, over 300 new COVID-19 cases had been confirmed in Hebei province where our factory is located.
      To prevent it from spreading again, the government started another round of lockdown there.
      So the lead time of all out of stock items has been delayed.
      We don’t have an estimated time right now but hopefully, the new batch will be ready and shipped to our warehouse out of the lockdown area by the end of Jan.

    • Bella
      Bella says:

      According to USPTO, the brand name is too specific, it might mislead our customers that our bows are the best bows for mandarin duck hunting. LOL.
      We still own that brand name but it won’t be considered fully registered until a period of time.

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